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Snow Leopard  by Parasaran Raman

Snow Leopards can leap farther than any other cat, reaching distances of well over forty feet in a single bound.

safari adventure / karen cox.Snow Leopard on Safari | LOLO❤︎

wildlifepower: “ L-L-L-LEOPARDS TIME! The leopard /ˈlɛpərd/ (Panthera pardus) is one of the five “big cats” in the genus Panthera. It is a member of the Felidae familywith a wide range in some parts.

snow leopard

Snow leopard - one of the most elusive of the endangered cats, with to spread across Asia. My favorite big cat

"Attack!" snow leopard

I'm a huge fan of big cats but snow leopard is my ultimate favorite. Such a beautiful creature, almost impossible to imagine that this kind of mysterios cat really exist out there.

Snow Leopard

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Snow Leopard •

* * " Human, I seez yer face whenz I be dreamin, dat's why I always wake up screamin'.

✯ Snow Leopard You take the picture and I will stand behind you! :)

Not a snow leopard. This is a yellow African leopard that has been photoshopped. And adults don't have blue eyes.