Cloak of Winterfell MKII by on @deviantART

Loving this style cloak, add a hood and use a coyote pelt and of course different color maybe go black

Savage / barbarian / fur and leather legwraps or perhaps (if padded) greaves

random fabric tied with strings can make a norse / barbarian fantasy look.

Cloak of Winterfell

"Look, I just want to wear pretty, vaguely medieval adventure/drama costume dresses and cloaks and ride horses through the forest; is that a viable career path?

This skirt is gorgeous

the tribal nordic artic warrior skirt in ivory white leather and lambs fur for all pixies fairys gypsy ethnic festival people.

Medieval Barbarian Viking Goth Leather Belt Armor with Fur

Medieval Barbarian Viking Goth Leather Belt Armor with Fur

This Auction is for New Medieval Goth Leather Belt with Fur. Aren’t YouTired of All those Thin SilkyHalloween Costumes that are been sold as Medieval Clothes? Enjoy your Medieval Activities the Way You Deserve to!

Rhaegar Targaryen by on @DeviantArt

Okay, so, I am actually really curious about what he read, and I love that the artist included blue roses in the top picture.