That moment the weapon interests you more than anything in the picture Jeong Din<<<<< I wonder how heavy that scythe is.

Images: Stunning Collection Of Fantasy Art From Guangjian Huang. spoiler free fantasy art from the movie sleuth.

Lucid Corrosion - Thomas Wievegg

Lucid Corrosion - Thomas Wievegg The Body - she created humanity and is the embodiment of blind beauty

ArtStation - Elf : faily, Lee Dong Sub

Smaller ears and less chest coverage, but this is a great example of an elf.

Ritter - Knight - Chevalier - Paladin - Guerrier - Templier -Templar - Templer - Combattant - Warrior - Kämpfer - Fighter - Krieger - Guerrero - Caballero - Cavaliere - Guerriero - 戦士 - 전사 - محارب

Rhoslyn - The Lost Princess by Indonesian Artist Hilma Fauza Khuriroy ("hifarry") on Deviant Art.