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When I make a sword, I make a false manipulation with optional mirror and I'm like "Hey! Sword of light - Epee de lumiere - OC


I like the hilt and guard. Blade shape is all wrong, though.>> I disagree respectfully. The blade type matches pretty well to the hilt, when you take thickness width and length into account.

index.php (480×416)

index.php (480×416)

This is a Ivy design for Second Life. The sword is created by capnbubs and is based on a nodachi I just created the design on the scabbard. The link takes you to the flat design

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OF:Dorothea's rapier by vampiire666 on deviantART

transparent bg Phoenix's first request~andmyfirstpieceofartinthisgrouprequested by the sweet Jacan for the lovely Dorothea^.^ So decided on a glass hilt after looki.

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Awesome sword

Even greater than existence itself, this blade only serves the one who wields the other powers that come from The Orders of Justice. Omnipotent, The Eternal Alpha