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lipstick-feminists: “[drawing: a person with pink hair responds to “You don’t look like a feminist” with “go fuck yourself” ”

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Me sled esteem goes up when I dog comes over excitedly to see me

just a person

Just think of them as a close friend you haven't seen in years

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When I want cat funny ink doodle

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Finding hilarity in life's challenges.                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Feisty Comics About Mental Illness We Can All Relate To

Finding hilarity in life's challenges.

Just to get this straight I am not fat, it's not because I don't want to or do want to it's because it was how I was born; the same way that fat people are fat, they can't help it it is natural and besides.... Who cares. Don't listen to anyone who tries to use your weight size (wether thin or thick) against you. :izzy

We all have days when we feel insecure or unhappy with our bodies; Having a bad body image day happens, so instead of beating yourself up the next time you have one, try to surround yourself with body positive quotes …

so 1) no one cares about me. and 2) i just went through my entire house trying to find something to od on or cut with and i couldnt fucking find anything so now im just sitting on my floor shaking...

How's Everything Going Original Illustration by JonMichaelFrank

-- - ashtray girl

V. E.

So, I hate the middle finger. But I love the quote. The great debate. Since you are reading this I guess I decided to pin it anyway

Me :-D

most awkward human being on this planet. Awkward knows no bounds

Tales of a Cursive Girl

Better than ugly hate

✨ "i'м jυรт α lσรт bσy. иσт яєαdy тσ bє fσυиd" ✨

too much toomchu tmuch too much

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24 Annoying Things Only Hairy Girls Will Understand

I'm not promiscuous, but this is true. Ignorance is one of the worst things out there, and promiscuity really is okay if it comes with consent.

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This hidden pressure.

Go forth and be free.

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