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Art Nouveau is an Italian deck that I use. This is Death, 13, card of personal spiritual transformation-- dying to be reborn-- the card for the sign of Scorpio.

Art Nouveau Tarot by Pietro Alligo & Antonella Castelli Even the Death Card can be drawn with beauty. In the Tarot, the Death Card represents endings and new beginnings, it is Major Arcana number

Death - Art Nouveau Tarot

December 22 Tarot Card: Death (Art Nouveau deck) This is a time of change ~ you are transitioning from who you were to who you'll be.

The High Priestess, from the Art Nouveau Tarot by Antonella Castelli.  This is my favorite card.

THE HIGH PRIESTESS~ Relationship meaning~ You often understand, or are aware of, a psychic connection with another person, without necessarily having spent much time with them.