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William Blake - Antaeus Setting Virgil Down in the Last Circle of Hell

William Blake - Antaeus Setting Down Dante and Virgil in the Last Circle of Hell. An illustration for The Divine Comedy: Inferno, Canto XXXI.

William Blake Great Red Dragon And The Woman Clothed With The Sun Poster

"The Great Red Dragon and the Woman Clothed with Sun" The Book of Revelation, or The Apocalypse, William Blake, 1805

William Blake:   London-Büyüdü biteviye günden güne,  Parıldayan bir elma oldu dalında,  Hasmım da farkına vardı,  Benim elmamdı, biliyordu,   Kutup yıldızının şavkının perdelendiği bir gece,  Girdi bahçeme ve elmamı yedi,  Sabah olduğunda gördüm ki,  Hasmım ağacın altında yatıyordu sereserpe.

Creator Print made by William Blake, British Title Jerusalem, Plate "And there was heard." Alternate Title(s) Jerusalem: The Emanation of The Giant Albion, Bentley Copy E Plate "And There Was Heard a Great Lamenting in Beulah" Date 1804 to 1820

William Blake - Har and Heva Bathing, Mnetha Looking on. Tiriel, Plate #2. N.d.

William Blake Tiriel, plate Har and Heva bathing, Mnetha looking on, Pen and grey wash over pencil mm Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge.

Aphrodite between Eros and Himeros  by William Blake Richmond  Oil on canvas, 217.7 x 126.2 cm  Collection: St Helens Council Collection

Aphrodite between Eros and Himeros by William Blake Richmond Oil on canvas, x cm Collection: St Helens Council Collection

William Blake: 'Our Time is Fix'd', from Robert Blair's "The Grave", 1805, object 10. Pen, ink and water colors over traces of pencil on wove paper

10 of 40 Illustrations commissioned by Robert H. Cromek for Robert Blair’s The Grave, c.

Tate Britain (formerly the Tate Gallery) Millbank, London. Opened in 1897 on site of former Millbank Prison. Designed by Sidney R.J. Smith.

The Tate Britain, the original Tate gallery opened in 1897 at Millbank in London, houses the largest collection of British art anywhere in the world including masterpieces by Constable and Turner as well as contemporary works. Photo: ©London On View.

Poster metro con tintas

Poster Art 150: the best bits

The Tate Gallery By Tube; by David Booth of the agency Fine White Line, More recent posters are still remembered fondly by London commuters. ‘The Tate Gallery By Tube’ poster was commissioned for Art on the Underground, a poster-commissioning initia