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No Frisk... But I guess you can't kiss someone who's only a voice in your head... (Chara, I'm talking​ about Chara)

I'm old enough, damn it Woman! by asianpie Sans x Frisk <<< I find it funny but it makes me feel uncomfortable. << I don't ship Sans x Frisk either but god dammit XD

Papyrus and Sans looking for human

undertale, papyrus, sans<<<HAHA this is based of the Tomska video the hole! Go check it out it's really funny

sharktunarts - Sans and Papyrus - comic

sharktunarts - Sans and Papyrus - comic. This is super cute, even if technically sans is the older brother.

Stop experimenting on your son!!!!

For some reason, I imagine young toriel to sound like Mabel from Gravity Falls.

I can't draw Papyrus XD This is how I see this scene. So I'm playing secound run, and i started it as no mercy run, but I spared Papyrus. Then Sans thanked me for it. This is where I am right now :...

When I got to play Undertale, I had decided on a No Mercy Pacifist play though while avoiding the corrupt ending, because I had seen a Pacifist. *Reset*- Undertale No Mercy to Pacifist Route

Too cute. Too pure. Monster Kid, Alphys, and Papyrus

^^ Quite a few people in the past have suggested a comic based on Alphys building MK new arms. UT Comic: New Arms

undertale, papyrus, sans, Toriel

undertale, papyrus, sans stay for dessert and Toriel gives them a stand up act.

I'm in class and I'm crying help me

That was the saddest part, when you're about to fight Asgore no one will answer the phone when you call them :'(

CHOOSE YOUR PAPYRUS! All but underfell his scary :(!


CHOOSE YOUR PAPYRUS! All but underfell his scary :(!<<< I've seen the baby bones Papyrus many times but my mind still can't handle the adorableness