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The ol whoopee cushion in the hand trick

the old whoopie cushion in the hand trick by kiki-kit.

sans, Frisk, Toriel>>>> Making ships sail with cannons since 2015:

(I DON'T ship Soriel, but this is so funny) sans, Frisk, Toriel>>>> Trying to sail ships with cannons since 2015

sans, papyrus, frisk, undertale


sans, papyrus, frisk, undertale<-----I started crying because at first I didn't realize it was a comic. Then the last panel.

Aquí os traigo una recopilación de cómics y/o dibujos del ship Frans … #detodo # De Todo # amreading # books # wattpad

❤Comic Sans❤

Genocide Sans and Frisk! One of my first artworks of Undertale ©Undertale ©Toby Fox

Frisk :: Asriel (Asriel Dreemurr) :: Undertale персонажи :: Undertale :: Undertale комикс - created via https://pinthemall.net

what if before you even played a genocide route has already happened and frisk is possessed by chara already