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Hasky or Hooky? It is as hard as naming a pet (*-*) damn it. I was just joking when i said that i'll draw a husky and a fishing hook s. -Fusion Revealed- Hasky or Hooky?

Havoc: *pulls out own dagger. Places hand on table. Starts singing along with Toby* Think you can beat me? *Starts the game with fast speed and precise stabbing* Jeff: The f**k? LJ: HOW?

Creepy Pasta Boyfriend Scenarios

Creepypasta Knife Game By >>> I seriously want to know the story behind this. xD Also, LJ's awkward knife-handling FTW.

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Hey look at this its my grandma and she is force feeding slendy xD<<< *facepalm* XD

Creepypasta Collage May 2017 by 0ktavian.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

oops I skipped April xD My new fav thing to do is redrawing popular Supernatural scenes to pasta lmao, those are really lazy drawn tho. Creepypasta Collage May 2017

Me:I am going to have to agere with masky on this one. I do not want to die when slenderman finds out so I am living now and I am playing fuck this shit I'm out  so bye. Masky: I am cameing with you because I do not to die from slenderman.

You guys,Toby made s'mores. You all know you want s'mores.<<<<<<<<<<<< WHAT IS A S'MORE?<<<<<<<<<heaven<<<Dude, I would start a forest fire for s'mores!