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Norse God Priviledge! Spiderman advice: Thor is the only one that knows what he's doing. Marvel Avengers.

Norse God Priviledge

Spiderman advice: Thor is the only one that knows what he's doing. Thor is the best!

Thor & Loki ...awww he's adopted

time spent: 3 weeks i drew this when i just watched the avengers turned out i got loads of work i just finished today lol and also i found my subscripti. avengers: not bros

Oh my gods!!! Loki I love you and you will ALWAYS, no matter what you do, be my hero

"Because im the oldest" Yeah, Thor, you're definitely the oldest. Have you heard of Hela?

so thor 2 by ~blargberries on deviantART

So I was knocking around dA and stumbled across these [link] and I decided it was about time I did a sketch dump of my own, and about time I started wor. Loki and Thor - Brothers Doodles

Awwwwww! Loki's face in panel 3. Go do whatever you want, Loki, it's okay. *gives hug*

Thor - A different strategy by *Tenshi-no-Hikari on deviantART Loki WIN

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Just in case Loki is conveniently somewhere to be found whereas Thor mysteriously dropped off the face of the earth. Just look at Thor’s face!

Awesome artwork by captbexx on deviantart...

Thor is going to get thrown out of the nearest window. Loki's gonna let it go. After he kicks Thor from Asgard to New York. Start of the Loki version of Let it Go right there!