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Loki and Thor

teen Loki and Thor << I want this comic. Thor and Loki growing up in the seventies. Loki’s kind of a punk who’s always getting in trouble and Thor’s the big football star hero.

Journey Into Mystery's Loki fanart by Joana Estep.

Kid Loki, character created by the amazing Kieron Gillen, art by Joannaestep, I loved this art so much I made it into a tee shirt.

59d7571809e0ac85521ea20e0970d347.jpg (500×665)

59d7571809e0ac85521ea20e0970d347.jpg (500×665)

More Baby!Jotun!Loki AU. Gosh! I think I'm getting addicted to drawing bby!Jotun!Loki and Dotting!Papa!Laufey. And this time I even drew middle brother Helblindi. >w< I still haven't drawn el...

BDA finally updated some stuff ey? I just love drawing baby!Loki and Dotting! Baby Loki is teething and starts to chew on his snow.

..."THE CHILDREN!" I'm laughing way too hard at this :D

Thor: "Hold my hand, brother! Think of the midgardian children, brother! The children! I can just hear Thor saying that!

Little Snowprince by Celestialess on DeviantArt

Someone prompted me to draw Little Jotunn!Loki holding Laufey's hand and I'm a sucker for AUs where Loki was never abandoned and then taken by Odin, whe. Little Snowprince

Haha! I love these!! :D <3

funny-cartoon-Loki-Thor-childhood but that is not the most accurate, because in the first pic it seems that thor is older which would be wrong, loki is older even thor grows up to be bigger *obviously* loki is still older