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Perrie Edwards you're so funny!

Perrie edwards aka cutest girl ever aka luckiest girl in da whole wide world

Perrie Edwards Wallpaper #PerrieEdwards #LittleMix #Pezz #Pezzy

Perrie Edwards Wallpaper #PerrieEdwards #LittleMix #Pezz #Pezzy

when you look at this picture you see a kind,sweet,funny,inspirational,generous,giving,supportive,caring,unselfish,considerate,respectful,understand,beautiful person and her name is perrie Edwards. she doesn't deserve hate at all neither does Eleanor or Danielle so please stop the hate. perrie im proud to look up to you you are a true idol to me so I love you perrie and will always support you and the rest of little mix<3

Perrie Edwards ,OMG shes gorgeous. share your thoughts in the comment box

That time you true  to sneek out of wedding plans...No no my love ;) @Sabbir Osmani Hafeji Malik .❤❤❤❤.xx hehehehe

Perrie talking about her and Zayn planning their wedding.<<< well Zerrie is over :'( there is no wedding