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The Real Estate market is warming up, take comfort that you have a pro in your corner.

The Real Estate market is warming up, take comfort that you have a pro in your corner. More pop by ideas

Buying real estate can oftentimes seem intimidating when you are not actually in the industry. What forms do we need, what is recommended to do before, during and after buying a home? Here are some great definitions of terms!

Real Estate Terms Infographic ... Nothing to be Spooked About

By Jesse McCarl There are a lot of industry buzzwords that scare first time home-buyers. Here’s a quick reference guide so that you can keep up with the intimidating lingo. You should never be scared off by some silly real estate terms. Appraisal – the es

real estate industry + social media use: social media management for small business #socialmedia #realestate #stats

How the Real Estate Industry Is Using Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]

The real estate industry has seen a number of social media innovations over the past few years. Real estate pros are using social media to provide online property tours, schedul.

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Great little graphic on house flipping. It's especially for those that are just begining in Real Estate Investing. To find out more about learning Real Estate Investing at www.jaysthilaire.com

9 Steps to Flipping Houses [Infographic]

Looking at Homes Online Versus In Person Real Estate Infographic (+ don't miss the excellent linked article that expands on these issues!)  #ggrf #ggve

This is a great Real Estate infograph explaining the difference between looking at homes online VERSUS in person.Looking for a Real Estate Agent?