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some of the most beautiful biological illustrations ever

Ascidian (Ascidiae) from Ernst Haeckel's "Kunstformen der Natur" (Art forms of Nature) of 1904 // About "Kunstformen Der Nature": // About Ernst Haeckel: // Tags: Vintage

O Pirata 2: Formas de Arte da Natureza

Plate 5 from Ernst Haeckel's Kunstformen der Natur, showing a variety of calcareous sponges, a class of about 400 marine sponges that are found mostly in shallow tropical waters worldwide.

A lovely work of unique art!

Some Things That Catch My Eye / rosace / ornement / bleu / brun / fractal

O artista inglês Katie Scott reproduz plantas, insetos e fungos clássicos da biologia em ilustrações psicodélicas. Seu trabalho já foi encomendado por empresas como o New York Times, Buzzfeed, Nike, Urban Outfitters e Converse. Compartilhe:

Inspirações Botânicas com Katie Scott

Nike trainers sprout plants and French perfumiers inspire by mysterious scientific icons in Katie Scott’s visions that take botanical illustration into the digital age