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You know what's worse? When your girlfriend acts like she's dating her best friend then she is dating you

▪️Sometimes I think someone's checking me out but then I realise I ain't shit and they probably think I'm the ugliest thing ever or that I've got something on my face▪️

I'm probably self absorbed tho because no one could ever have a crush on a loser like me!

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Men sleeping is just so adorable. It's just like they're peaceful and not doing anything dumb.

If you say I'm ugly I'm just gonna assume you're a compulsive liar😂

so many people know me well and they dont deserve it. i literally think about how i wasted my time on people who dont care about me every night and it hurts

i regret opening up to some people. it just bugs me knowing there's a few out there who didn't even deserve to know me like that.