Wolf, Eagle and (Brother) Bear by Joanne [©2012]

The Eagle of Guidance showed the power of The Bear of love to the Wolf of Wisdom Sitka, Denahi, Kenai and not to forget. Koda Watched Brother Bear yes. Wolf, Eagle and (Brother) Bear

TANANA  (tribe's shaman woman) & KENAI ~ Brother Bear, 2003

sleepy-cinderelly: “Brother Bear Appreciation Week - Favourite Minor Character - Tanana “ I don’t speak “bear” ”

Disney 11x14 Print Brother Bear Koda Kenai Movie Poster | eBay

Disney Brother Bear-Koda & Kenai Riding the Rapids Movie Art Print 11x14

Design Bears & Raccoons 6

disneyismyescape: “ One Piece of Concept Art per Walt Disney Animation Studios Movie - Brother Bear ”

Nita, Kenai, and Koda from "Brother Bear 2". Setting: early Inuit civilization.

Nita, Kenai, and Koda from "Brother Bear Setting: early Inuit civilization.


Brother Bear: love this movie as well. Would love to bring some of it into this crazy tattoo I have going in my head.

Koda -Brother Bear

I loved Koda as a kid from the first second and I still love this silly bear

Kenai's Transformation by *Zimeta - Brother Bear

*KENAI (The transformation) ~ Brother Bear, 2003 Most beautiful transformation i have ever seen :')

brother bear | Tumblr

Jeeezzz so cool

animated bears - Google Search

animated bears - Google Search