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Tokyo Ghoul - Ken Kaneki/One Eyed King

Tokyo Ghoul :re (as of Chapter Glad I finished this painstaking (and pain loving)edit!

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Well fuck you, he MARRIED Touka. Also, wouldn't this fact be known in the whole fandom had the REAL ISHDA confirmed this? Wouldn't Kaneki's wiki page change if this was canon? Screw these fake posts.

Luhan cosplay kaneki ken in tokyo Ghoul

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Kaneki Ken, Tokyo Ghoul

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"I am who I need to be" by iiclipse.tumblr.com/ ||| Kaneki - Tokyo Ghoul ||| source: http://iiclipse.tumblr.com/post/135550231082/i-am-who-i-need-to-be-dec-20th-happy-birthday

"I am who I need to be" -Ken Kaneki You know what's so fucking sad about this story. Kaneki is forced to change multiple times in order to protect the things he cares about and each time, he discovers that it's never enough so the cycle repeats again.