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Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 90 Spoilers Predictions: Kaneki, Touka Reunion to Finally Happen?

Kaneki Ken

black_sclera eyepatch hair_over_one_eye hood hood_down hoodie kagune_(tokyo_ghoul) kaneki_ken looking_at_viewer mask red_eyes short_hair solo tokyo_ghoul white_hair

Tokyo Ghoul || Chapter 122 || Kaneki Ken || Kirishima Touka

Pls Kaneki pls don't let her to confuse you, don't be trapped 😢 I still love you kanekiiiii.

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Seidou Takizawa

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Tokyo Ghoul - Kaneki Ken

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tokyo ghoul, pixiv and toukyou kushu image on We Heart It

- Tokyo Ghoul - Touka

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Tokyo Ghoul - Touka Kirishima <3

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Tokyo Ghoul

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