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Spaghetti: Awesome shoes by Robert Tabor

Difficult to wear but fun to look at (9 photos)

Shoe Sculptures, "Spaghetti Stiletto" by Robert Tabor. "He has made amazing, although maybe not entirely functional, shoes that are works of art.

Atyaég! Ennél röhejesebb szandálokat még sosem láttál! - Ripost

Amazing Collection of Funny and Creative Designs of Shoes (Photo images)

Was it homemade?

The 10 Strangest Shoes In Fashion Today The Center Heel Corkscrew Shoe

Scuba in style - Australian designer Lisa Carney designed these shoes - I don't get it

Cruise Shoes hey u got he club heels and u got the diving flippers lol! what more u want hahahaha!