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jigs with uv ribbing nymphs

Being here in Italy I started to go fishing in a few beautiful rivers from Lombardia (Adda, Olio, Serio and Mastallone) The most efficient flies are bellow: A variant of GRHE: Another variant of GRHE emerger: First fly looks … Continue reading →

Brass Cone Head Woolly Bugger

Conehead flies are perhaps the best prospecting fly pattern ever. The classic wooly bugger is tied with a cone head to get the fly down quickly in faster, deeper water. The Cone Head Wooly Bugger is a consistent strike producer.

Sparrow Nymph Brown

Sparrow Nymph Brown

Kenai River Salmon Fishing with Jason's Guide Service - Catch Sockeye and Coho

If I had to pick one trout fly for anywhere in the country now, it would be an easy choice: the Muddler Minnow. This pattern (and its cousins) can be fished several ways, and it imitates a wide range of things trout love to eat. Greased up, it floats like a grasshopper. Stripped through deep pools, it looks like a juicy sculpin. Skated at night, it's a mouse. The more creative you are, the more you appreciate this classic. Photograph by Travis Rathbone

Variations on the Muddler Minnow, the best fly for fall trout: The Black Muddler is best for tinted water or low-light conditions


Fly Fishing Wooly Bugger Fishing Flies Black by FliesandFeathers

Tips for Spring Brook Trout on the Fly - World Fishing Network - Black Woolly Bugger (iwth Flash)

If you want to land big beautiful brook trout in the spring try using Streamer Patterns, Minnow Imitations, Dry Fly Attractor Patterns and Match the Hatch to entice the trout to bite. - World Fishing Network

glass bead damsel fly nymph

Damsel Flies are a key food source during the summer months on most lakes and reservoirs worldwide. Barrett ties a simple but effective Damsel Nymph pattern designed to fish on a floating line and a long leader or a clear sinking intermediate lake line.

Fly Fishing Trout Flies18 Streamers Epoxy Minnows Woollybugger Purple Green-8-12

Fly Fishing Trout Flies18 Streamers Epoxy Minnows Woollybugger Purple Green-8-12