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friends make a boring school day an interesting unforgettable day

Teenager Post - Dear Teachers, if I sit next to my best friend, I'll whisper to her. If you move me away, I'll shout to her. It's your choice.

Where do they all go?

Relatable Post First Day of School: 30 pencils. one month later: 1 pencil you found on the ground

Yup unless you answer that question wrong and use the wrong answer to the other question, therefore getting the other one wrong!! I HOPE YOU TOOK THE TIME TO READ AND UNDERSTAND THAT LOL

Teenager Post I love when a question on a test gives the answer to another question.(Try Not To Laugh Teenager Posts)

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(Teacher) Did you do your homework? (Brooke) Did you grade my test? (Teacher) I have other students tests to grade (Brooke) Well then I have other teachers homework to do :smirks:

So true...

Funny pictures about During any math test. Oh, and cool pics about During any math test. Also, During any math test.

Happens every time you change it too, but if you DON'T change it, then you should've changed it because the other option was the right one

Or when you second guess yourself and go with the first answer and the second answer is the correct one

Haha this meeee

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