JOHN LENNON~ Julian Lennon b. April 8,1963 & Sean Lennon b. Sep. 9, 1975, RINGO STARKEY~Zak Starkey b. Sept.13, 1965, Jason Starkey b. Aug. 19, 1967 ~GEORGE & OLIVIA HARRISON's son ~Dhani Harrison, b. Aug.1, 1978 ~PAUL McCARTNEY's only son~ James McCartney b. Sept. 12, 1977 ~ PAUL also had a stepson Arlen Blakemen & 3 daughters Mary, Stella & Beatrice. RINGO had a daughter Lee and 2 stepchildren, Francesca & Gianni Gregorini & JOHN had a stepdaughter with Yoko, Kyoko Chan Cox

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We All Live In A Yellow Submarine,Yellow Submarine — dirty-dark-soul: The Beatles

Rings é tão fofo

Rings é tão fofo

'Strawberry Fields Forever'/ 'Penny Lane' recorded between November 1966 - January 1967 released February 1967

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The Beatles is pop- and rock'n'roll group from Liverpool. The group members areJohn Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison en Ringo Starr; other early members were Stuart Sutcliffe en Pete Best, they called the Group: The Quarry Men


doraemonmon: “Ringo Starr ” That guy who always hated you in Dodge Ball? No it just Ringo!