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Ahh, just your average Masters of the Universe pinup. He-Man raising the sword, lightning, Grayskull in the background, the skulls of powerful enemies displayed on pikes to strike fear into the hearts of all who would oppose the Kingdom of Eternos&

He-man and Battle Cat

Here is the first one as well: Skeletor Hope to see you there this weekend! He-Man PowerCon 2016

Earl Norem

A lifelong "Masters of the Universe" fan, Tim Seeley explains how the massive Dark Horse book reveals the strange history of He-Man.

Heman orko

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (classic cartoon)

He-Man and the Power Sword - Oil on Canvas by SiMoSol on DeviantArt

I am proud to present the completed painting "He-Man and the Power Sword" - my hommage to Alfredo Alcala's Artwork on the very first He-Man minicomic co. He-Man and the Power Sword - Oil on Canvas

Esteban Maroto - Pesquisa Google

Masters Of The Universe - 22 (painting by Esteban Maroto) - Dein Masters of the Universe-Treffpunkt im Internet - Dein Masters of the Universe-Treffpunkt im Internet

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Unlettered cover art by Stjepan Šejić for ‘He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe’ sale October 22 from DC Comics.