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Susanna Bauer, Common Ground ll (detail)

crossconnectmag: “Natural Crochet Art from Susanna Bauer Susanna Bauer born in Eichstätt, Germany in work with found natural objects: leaves, stones, pieces of wood…ephemeral things, easily overlooked and use crochet;

"Nature      wears the           colors of the                              spirit..."  delicate sewn leaf.... Susan Elliott

Plays With Needles: Gold Leaf An embroidered skeleton leaf by Susan Elliott of Plays with Needles

Susanna Bauer via Art Found Out

Embroidery on Leaves Artist Susanna Bauer

Susanna Bauer

Fragile Crocheted Magnolia Leaf Sculptures by Susanna Bauer Adornment Vl. Magnolia leaf co

Susanna Bauer is a German artist now based in the UK. She creates stunning embroideries on magnolia leaves that she gathers, deforms and destructures. She played with colors and characteristics of the natural elements to imagined new ones. An impressive fastidiousness that enables her to keep the orignal shape of le leaves.

Meticulous Crocheted Magnolia Leaves

Fragile Crocheted Magnolia Leaf Sculptures by Susanna Bauer (Colossal)


Stitched leaf, hand stitched sea grape leaf (coccoloba uvifera), silk/cotton thread, x Photo: Christine Mauersberger

Hilary Fayle does amazing stitched leaves!

Stitch Work

Snowshoe--embroidered leaf by Hillary Fayle

by Susanna Bauer

Cornwall-based artist Susanna Bauer loves to work with natural objects that she finds from the surrounding countryside. Leaves, stones, pieces of wood.

Marisa Ramirez

DIY art idea: embellished nature display by susanna bauer

asylum-art:  Stitch Work by Hillary Fayle

Stitch Work by Hillary Fayle. I'm thinking dream catchers!

Artist Hillary Fayle (previously) continues her exploration of embroidered plantlife using elegent stitching to create amalgams of leaves and seeds. Ginkgo leaves and maple tree seeds are sutured into tight geometric forms, while other pieces play with negative space as Fayle deftly cuts patterns

New Embroidered Leaves by Hillary Fayle

Artist Hillary Fayle creates artworks where she mixes nature and the art of embroidery by assembling plants leaves, by adding colorful threads and cutting the l

Cross stitched old strainer

Cross stitch a seive for unique kitchen decor :: crochet sur passoire - jans schwester: Besticktes Sieb und Wandteller

Susanna bauer

Stitched Leaves by Susanna Bauer

meredith Woolnough 'Gum leaf Meredith Woolnough, skeleton', embroidery thread, pins, glass rods on paper.

Meredith Woolnough 'Gum leaf skeleton', embroidery thread, pins, glass rods on paper Mehr

Living leaves + sewing techniques by Susanna Bauer

Embroidery on Leaves Artist Susanna Bauer