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Civilón, tjuren Ferdinand

Civilón, tjuren Ferdinand

Foto: Los dejo con este hermoso ejemplar chao besos hasta mañana

Blood Bay or Mahogany Bay. I have never seen such coloring before. Quite striking.

Such fun ideas for adding entertainment and good nutrition for your hens!

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"Algunas fotos de caballos tomadas de google, para disfrutar de la belleza equina". Http://www.mediafire.com/conv/43b88654064a8e170c80aa13f6a17bbe42d7547c6dffc53976c3c7562fc2e4976g.jpg....

Simplemente fotos de caballos

The Irish Cob or Coloured Cob, known as the Gypsy Horse or Gypsy Vanner in the United States, is a type or breed of domestic horse from the British Isles.

OMG... >.< a great dane as a horse... is that really a good idea... lol

The Great Dane dog by the name of George is the tallest/largest dog ever recorded. George started out its life as a puppy with oversize paws.

Buckskin gypsy vanner draft horse

Gypsy Vanner horse - this is a beautiful breed. ( of course, I think all horses are beautiful!

Belgian Draft Horse by darcy

Brabant Draft Horse--close relative of the Belgian draft horse.