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Fast-food. Cette scène s'est déroulée en Floride. La photographe a eu beaucoup de chance, et le poisson très peu: trop d'alligators, pas assez d'eau. La sécheresse le condamnait à terminer presque à coup sûr dans la gueule de l'un des 70 sauriens qui surpeuplaient ce jour-là la rivière Myakka. Ensuite, en raison de la qualité du festin, avalé en outre de façon fort gloutonne: ce poisson a beau ressembler à à un esturgeon, ses oeufs sont en réalité toxiques. Du Figaro.fr Crédits photo : SCARR

24 heures photo

This perfectly timed photo taken by Marina Scarr of an American alligator just about to swallow an unlucky gar fish in Florida, USA. The photograph was submitted to National Geographic’s Annual Photo Contest in the Spontaneous Moments category.

22-foot 2500 pound croc, Niger River, Africa

The 22-foot, 2500-pound human-eating crocodile — yikes!!!

22 foot - 2500 pound Crocodile The people in a village on the Niger River in Africa were losing fellow villagers at such a rapid rate, that they had to call in the Army to hunt down the culprit. A 22 foot, 2500 pound Crocodile

Pork and Beans

"Lion in winter" hugely misleading, lions occur in Africa, and do not encounter snow in their natural environment

Пляшущий крокодилёнок

The 25 Happiest Animals In The World -- it's silly things like this that make me laugh and make my day. One happy alligator!

A tree frog wearing a lizard

Quand les rôles s'inversent... L'homme envahit le monde des Aliens !

27 Awesome Things You Probably Haven't Seen Before - Airows: A frog wearing a lizard as a hat. Photo by Suyud Wahyudin.

Longest Crocodile! (over 23 Ft.)

The saltwater crocodile is the largest of all living reptiles. An adult male saltwater crocodile’s weight is lbs and length is normally ft. However, mature males can exceed 20 ft and weigh more than lbs.

The Everglades in Florida - Astonishing Underwater Photography Best of Web Shrine

This is 34 incredible photos that reveal a glimpse of what lies beneath the water’s surface. You never know what lies below the surface!