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PHOTO GALLERY: Penguins of Antarctica, including 3 species (Chinstrap, Gentoo & Adelie), a rare albino penguin, penguin eggs & baby penguin chicks.

Protecting the young during a brutal winter

Keeping all the little ones together. Emperor Penguins form creches for their young so the chicks are better protected from the elements

Baile en la nieve

ponderation:Let it snow! by mreyfman Chinstrap penguins in the Astrolabe Island, Antarctica by beulah

Instead of having teeth, penguins (like this rockhopper) have barbed tongues and throats. The barbs point backwards to help direct a penguin...

Penguins may lack teeth, but they have backward facing spines in their throats that grip and guide fish down. This photo of a rockhopper penguin was taken by Will Burrard-Lucas on the Falkland Islands.

Gentoo Penguin, Shetland Islands

Gentoo penguins are easily recognized by the wide white stripe extending like a bonnet across the top of their heads and their bright orange-red bills. Photographed here on South Shetland Islands (Antartic).

I don't know Edith... I think we outta hitch a cruise ship to Florida

do you think I m sexy? Photograph by Joachim G Pinkawa - hey . do you think I m sexy?

Emperor penguins in Antarctica

Places to see penguins in the wild

A list of the largest birds in their respective order. There are more than species of birds found all over the globe.