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Migrating Canada geese You know why, when geese fly in V formation one line is longer than the other? Cause there's more geese on that side ;-)

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Migration and Francois Kaplan

Some days feel free like a bird …but there are days when i am the prisoner of myself ! Birds photography by hostof angel at tumbler @ tsu

Migrating Geese ... A bittersweet sound and site to my heart. I love to hear them return, beckoning the return of warmth. And, I think they are amazing in flight, as they leave the north for warmer climes. 9/20

Geese Migrating

the hurrying rustle of crisp leaves blown along the street by a gusty wind, and the gabble of a flock of migrating geese.

canadian geese - Google Search

canadian geese - Google Search

Pourquoi les oiseaux migrateurs volent en V ?

Why do birds fly south? We answer these and other questions about this interesting phenomenon here!


This is an example of Adaption to change because the birds fly south during the winter to survive and are baptized to survive a world filled with Sin