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Migrating Canada geese You know why, when geese fly in V formation one line is longer than the other? Cause there's more geese on that side ;-)

Often shareholders appoint transformational leaders to turnaround firms. This is not always the best approach. Leadership approach depends on context.

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Funny pictures about Ladybug's broomstick. Oh, and cool pics about Ladybug's broomstick. Also, Ladybug's broomstick photos.

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Bird migration

XXXL migrating canada geese

Bird Skies; I always stare when this happens. It makes you feel like walking under their world or something... I don't know how to explain it actually lol

Bird Skies - Throughout the autumn and winter months, hundreds of thousands of starlings turn the sky black around the UK. The birds come together in huge clouds, wheeling, turning and swooping in unison. This is know as a 'murmuration'.


A murmuration of starlings.'murmuration of starlings' means a FLOCK of starlings! An amazing word, not used very much these days, and an AMAZING picture.if you look at the bottom group, it look like a bird shape:):):)

Canada Goose (branta canadensis). Nipper and I would walk to the river and watch the geese landing on the water in the evening, making their racket in preparation to fly south for the winter. Thousands flew overhead and I loved the sound of "fall in Winnipeg"

Canada Goose (branta canadensis) - everywhere, October 2013