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Victor Borge (January 3, 1909 – December 23, 2000) was a Danish comedian, entertainer, conductor, and pianist. Old time radio shows on MP3 or regular CDs.

Victor Borge (January 1909 – December was a Danish comedian, entertainer, conductor, and pianist. Old time radio shows on or regular CDs.

Victor Borge

Victor Borge - Classical music comedian, pianist and conductor known for his humorous approach to classical music, born in Denmark

Carol Burnette - My favorite!

Carol Burnett is truly a comedy legend. Here we take a look at her and how she got started and what her contributions are to the world of comedy.

Minute Waltz for 2 pianos, plus jokes, courtesy of comedian Victor Borge. #music #humor

A funny version of Chopin famous Waltz N° 6 (called "minute waltz") played by Victor Borge and Leonid Hambro.

Phillis Diller ~ what a spaz....her hair is actually tame in this picture!!

Phyllis Diller (July 1917 – August was an American actress and comedian. She created a stage persona of a wild-haired, eccentrically dressed

Jack Benny

The son of a saloonkeeper, Jack Benny (born Benny Kubelsky) began to study the violin at the age six, and his "ineptness" at it later become his .

Victor Borge (1909 – 2000) born Børge Rosenbaum, was a Danish comedian, conductor and pianist, affectionately known as The Clown Prince of Denmark. A genius of comedy and music.  A television special about his life, 100 Years of Music and Laughter, aired on PBS on 14 March 2009.  Victor died in Greenwich, Connecticut, at the age of 91, after more than 75 years of entertaining. He died peacefully in his sleep a day after returning from a concert in Denmark.

Victor Borge: also known as The Clown Prince of Denmark, The Unmelancholy Dane and The Great Dane (Lived 1909 - passed away at age He was a classical pianist, entertainer, comedian, humorist.

Revenge of the Pink Panther. Just an old salty Swedish sea dog! Hahaha

Photograph:Peter Sellers, center, stars as Inspector Clouseau, “master” of disguises, in Blake Edwards' Revenge of the Pink Panther

Paul Harvey -- (9/4/1918-2/28/2009). Radio Broadcaster for ABC Radio Networks. He died at the hospital, no cause given at the age of 90.

If I Were the Devil…Paul Harvey’s Warning to America from 1965