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Orchid Praying Mantis, Photo by Igor Siwanowicz: Orchid Praying, Albino Mantis, Praying Mantis, Albino Animal

Creobroter gemmatus, a colourful mantis.

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Real - Painted snail titled "Snail Polish" by

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Spiny Flower Mantis Nymph, Pseudocreobotra wahlbergii by pamsai - Swaziland

♣Rosy Maple Moth ♥..fb

"Pink Elephant" by Leonid Fedyantsev Deilephila elpenor, known as the Elephant Hawk-moth, is a large moth of the Sphingidae family.

Not a mushroom or fungus, or lichen but I thought you would enjoy this little guy!!  the amazing camouflage of the lichen katydid

Lichen Katydid (Markia Hystrix) by Reza Hashemizadeh, projectnoal: Amazing camouflage! Not a mushroom or fungus, or lichen but I thought you would enjoy this little guy. - I thought it was a piece of a tumble weed.


A mantis appears to have struck up an very unlikely friendship with a tiny insect. you know the little bug is dinner. Photographer Nordin Seruyan took several shots of the unusual pairing after finding them in his back garden in Borneo, Indonesia.


Photography by Blepharopsis

African praying mantis Plistospilota guineensis by Blepharopsis // stunningly beautiful, no?

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Funny pictures about Party mantis. Oh, and cool pics about Party mantis. Also, Party mantis.

What a cool frog!! I wonder if it's poisonous?

Strawberry Poison Dart Frog Strawberry Posion Dart Frog Photo by Erez Marom