Who knows better about Aspergers than someone who has it? Here are 10 things this Aspie homeschool mom wants you to know. #Aspergers #Aspies...

10 Things You Should Know About Aspies

10 Things You Should Know About Aspies “Aspie” is a nickname of sorts for someone who has Aspergers Syndrome. Aspergers is a very high functioning form of autism. Like all forms, it’s on a spectrum…


Problems of an Aspie - It doesn't matter how hot it is, you must sleep with a heavy blanket (or wear pants. and a long-sleeve shirt.

More like incredulous.

[Problem of an Aspie You are genuinely surprised when people tell you they admire you. or having to ask WHY and not getting any sort of clarification that I can use.


[Problem of an Aspie You involuntarily disregard details like people’s names due to finding them irrelevant but can recall seemingly useless details such as their computer’s specifications.

Growing Up Autistic: 10 tips for teenagers with Asperger Syndrome or mild autism

This may turn out to be the most important article I have ever written. And it may not be light reading: powerful subjects need powerful words.