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Snow Leopard Wall Bounce by Abeselom Zerit on 500px.

thacrazyanimal: “ beautiful-wildlife: “ Snow Leopard Wall Bounce by Abeselom Zerit ” Respect tha crazy animal!

theanimaleffect: Mother And Cub Cheetah Sitting On Dirt Mound Kenya by Robert Winslow

Did you know Cheetahs are the only big cat that cannot roar. They can purr though and usually most loudly when they are grooming or sitting near other cheetahs.

beautiful-wildlife: “ Snow Leopard in Winter by zweiaufreisen ”

Snow leopards are warrior-monks: philosophers and teachers but still very focused on the harmony of mind, spirit, and body. Snow Leopards often use the martial arts as a form of meditation. Snow leopard by zweiaufreisen

Snow leopard

It’s so fluffy! - sleepy Snow Leopard cub (by Tambako the Jaguar) it's so sweet - awwwww!