Knight in red by Alassa - Love this interpretation regarding Cullen's worries and nightmares of becoming a Red Templar. (Cullen x Inquisitor)

"Samson knight in red, He hath lost his way. Armor laced with blood Shall reclaim his name. Few days back I was spending few days at 's place and we spent whole time playing Dragon Age In.


Dragon Age Inquisition: Cassandra Pentaghast by felitomkinson on deviantART Cassandra! My bff sister person!

Dragon Age Knight Errant (2017) Issue #1

Dragon Age Knight Errant (2017) Issue #1

ladyinsanity: “ More Details on Dragon Age: Knight Errant Comic The official summary: “ BioWare’s bestselling fantasy franchise lives on in these canonical comics from Dark Horse! Elven squire Vaea and her knight arrive in Kirkwall for Varric.