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Eric Lacombe

Eric Lacombe

Tick Tock and Distractions : Elliot, Qwerty : beta, Flipper, and Morphine [by Hallpen] //

Tick Tock and Distractions — Elliot, Qwerty, Flipper, and Morphine [by Hallpen]

EOS Candy Magic King Size Green Colored Contacts Circle Lenses

EOS Candy Magic King Size Color Circle Contact Lenses go wonderfully with gyaru dolly eye makeup. Top off with a pair of dramatic false lashes for a cute, sweet look!

Crazy eye color facts you wish you knew, http://colorfuleyes.org/contact-lenses/eye-colors/

Eye Colors

eyes are one of her most defining features with their light amber coloring and piercing stare.


Photo Manipulation - 42 Magnificent Photo Manipulation Examples That Will Inspire You


"The eyes are the windows to the soul." The eyes tell much of the condition of one's soul. I often perceive the state of a person's soul by looking into their eyes.