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“bit of a pencil snob”

“bit of a pencil snob” (The Jealous Curator)

“bit of a pencil snob”

The earrings, no, the matches… I even love that old bandaid. Ok, there is no possible way for me...

mollie douthit (The Jealous Curator)

jonathan crowther

jonathan crowther (The Jealous Curator)

chambers austelle (The Jealous Curator)

chambers austelle (The Jealous Curator)

Jessica brilli

jessica brilli (The Jealous Curator)

These paintings are from the latest, vintage inspired, series by Massachusetts based painter Jessica Brilli

jen wink hays (The Jealous Curator)

jen wink hays (The Jealous Curator)

graphite ropes with sherbet-hued gouache on really big pieces of paper. Contrast between formal elements and using drawing to convey structures

antoinette ferwerda

antoinette ferwerda (The Jealous Curator)

dan-ah kim | The Jealous Curator | Bloglovin’

dan-ah kim (The Jealous Curator)

gemma gené

gemma gené (The Jealous Curator)

Geesh… painting realistic work on a huge canvas is tough enough, I’m not sure I could handle that kind of third party scrutiny on top of it! This is the gorgeous work of Gemma Gené, a Spanish architec