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Lindsey Way Feminismprint by ChemicalPencils on Etsy

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Inside the Anonymous Hacking File on the Steubenville Rape Crew - Alexander Abad-Santos - The Atlantic Wire w/ video

Anonymous Issues Ultimatum To “Rape Crew” and Steubenville, OH Big Red Football Team

I don't know if I can support the idea that ALL women have been sexually assaulted. Harassed,  yes. I don't know anyone who hasn't been harassed at some point and I was groped in my early twenties when I worked in retail. The point is, it's terribly common.

This is sadly accurate. All women experience harassment, assault, or inappropriate touching by a man. You do NOT get to tell us how to feel about it, nor do you get to say "not all men"

More than 5,000 reports of sexual assault in fiscal year 2013, a spike of 50%. Troops feel more confident coming forward, says Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel. About 65% of victims of all sexual assaults were 24 or younger. By far, most victims were junior enlisted troops. The Army, the largest of the services, had the most victims, with 1,201. The Coast Guard reported five victims.

Sexual assault in the military by the numbers

Rape is caused by rapist misogyny structural violence institutional tolerance not by women's clothes the way she walks the way she crosses her legs

11 Quotes Said To Sexual Assault Survivors By Their Family Members. From Grace Brown’s Project Unbreakable, an online series featuring survivors telling their stories through photographs. We previously highlighted male and female survivors of sexual assault quoting the people who attacked them. Here are quotes said to sexual assault survivors by their friends and family members.

11 Quotes Said To Sexual Assault Survivors By Their Family Members

12 Heartbreaking Quotes Said To Sexual Assault Survivors By Their Family Members<< we need feminism to end the cult of shame around survivors.<<no more victim shaming or blaming

Chicano Movement on Pinterest | Chicano, Berets and Police Brutality

Brown Berets against police brutality! For self determination of our people!" Artist: Does anyone know who the artist is?

And girls being girls

Try to limit gender specific toys and let your children be whoever they want.

God is all about love

As most gay people say about what Jesus said about gay marriage, is literally nothing. Meaning that for them gays have the right to marry one another and that it is not disobeying the bible or whatever Jesus has said about gay marriage.