Painted Type

Madoff speaks in fat white letters. Like the all caps. See also: Kanye West album covers, BusinessWeek Covers, fingerpainting kits. in Design

David Carson, Raygun, 1996

Ray Gun Magazine cover "Beck" by David Carson / Issue 39 / September 1996 - using photography and messy type (for photograms idea)

Jazz Poster

33 Incredible Typographic Posters

Absolutely beautiful typographic jazz festival posters - Guimarães JAZZ 2009 by Atelier Martino&Jaña on Behance

Poster  I love how the text and image over lap.                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Interesting type/image relationship. Layers

The inventive type treatment is the most emphasized feature of this poster, The School of Visual Arts poster poster design layout typography

Polish Graphic Design  - by Zamecznik 1965  I like the idea of relevant keywords being inserted in this way.

Mondo cane, (A Dog's World, is a documentary written and directed by Italian filmmakers Paolo Cavara, Franco Prosperi and Gualtiero Jacopetti. Polish poster designed by Zamecznik

Think & Act - large writing over a page of text. Maybe The Yard Sale blurb

Think & Act - large writing over a page of text. Maybe The Yard Sale blurb, an otherwise basic layout becomes high impact with large type in powerful colors

A strong typography for this magazine graphic design.

Letras Grandes Bvar I like the oversized white words against the colored backgrounds in the second and third photos on this. I could incorporate this into my magazine by using something like this for the title of a feature story.

Mynt Lounge poster

25 Impressive Flyer Designs Inspiration

theatro helena sà e costa

Graphic design inspiration showcasing projects that use red to give value to their designs. It's a creative way to bring to light the RED campaign.