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Winter Weddings: Reception Décor Snowflakes projected onto the walls mixed with blue uplighting give off a frosty feel.


Tall wedding centerpieces not only look stunning, but are also functional- adding tons of dimension to your wedding decor and allowing guests to easily converse from a distance.

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Winter wedding requires lots of lights. Setting a winter wedding expects you to recognize the typical climate needs of Virginias. If you want to stand out, a winter wedding is definitely something …

Esta postagem foi em resposta ao pedido da Francine:  "Gostaria de saber se você pode postar algo ensinando como fazer arranjos com gallhos ...

Passo a passo de arranjos florais VII - galhos secos

Design Lab Events creation 15,000 light sticks, 65,000 twinkling Swarovski crystals and 4000 paper cranes

Unbelievable Wedding On Cloud 9

mymodernmet: “ Serving both as a bride and an artist, Sheika Lateefa gave the company Designlab Events complete freedom to create this spectacular cloud installation for her wedding. The installation,.

Give your wedding a one-of-a-kind feel with a pattern projected across the ceiling.

25 Ways to Transform Your Wedding With Lighting

Ideas para celebrar una boda en invierno

Ideas para celebrar una boda en invierno

for me this is TOO much up-lighting...your eyes have so many places to go, thus taken away from the wonderful venue!

With a foreword by celebrity event planner Preston Bailey (don't you just love his work?), this book takes you into fabulous New York events, from museums, to loft parties, and even open-air events in the Hamptons.

When it comes to wedding décor, we can’t help but get inspired by the winter.  From a hint of sparkle reminiscent of hanging icicles to the cool tones we’ve come to know and love during those chilly months, there’s plenty of room to incorporate the frosty season into your Big Day. We’ve put together our …

5 Winter Wedding Color Schemes So Good They’ll Give You The Chills