Abandoned House by artificialdesign

Abandoned House

The Art Of Animation, Daniel Tyka

You may go to the basement at your own risk...

Canyon Concept Art by Krasnodar, Russia based artist Alex Shatohin. Witch house Silentio Farm Ruin Foggy bay Swamp View the website


Luc Desmarchelier I love spooky images. Keeping to a single colour works well for this image. The dark base draws the eye up the tower to the castle.

Feathers and Lace: Literatura: Drácula

A sooty, foggy night in Victorian London. great atmosphere for horror and vampires - Phuoc Quan: Black and White painting I get an eerie sense from this photo, something like what our set will be.

Ilustrador detallista (groso) - Taringa!

Ilustrador detallista (groso)

The Art Of Animation, Raphael Lacoste

steampunk illustration - Cerca con Google

steampunktendencies: “ flying city by ”

ombres chinoise

A once great city, until the Gods of Muse abandoned its people. Some say you can still catch glimpses of inspirations incarnate on the crumbling bridges. Lost without our Muses

This reminds me of Konahgakure (Village Hidden in the Leaves from Naruto). I don't why, they're not that similar at all, but maybe it's the fun feel of it.

Forget Wallpaper, This Art Deserves a Good Frame and a Spot on Your Wall

Shadow of the Temple, Tony Hurst on ArtStation at http://www.artstation.com/artwork/shadow-of-the-temple

spirit-wanderer: India by tonyhurst

Péah: theartofanimation: Pierre-Antoine Moelo Thanks...

Here’s a series of imaginary island illustrations created by concept artist Pierre-Antoine Moelo aka Péah.

*******MASSIVE CONCEPT ART DUMP****** art by James Paick - updated 12/19/2010

Palace inspiration Epic Futuristic Gothic Cathedral - Illustration by James Paick

Carteles de publicidad para un museo de arquitectura de Moscú

Carteles de publicidad para un museo de arquitectura de Moscú

As a part of the project "Discover the full story", creative agency Saatchi & Saatchi has developed an advertising campaign for the Shchusev State Museum of Architecture.

Plan 28304HJ: Hill Country House Plan with Options

I'm not here (no author found)

I'm not there.

Creative photos using shadows standing in shoes

360° Books by Yusuke Oono

Paper-Cut Sculpture ~ Books by Yusuke Oono