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I have done this and I can say it's entertaining. Although my man got a lot more 'emotional' before it was over haha

My friend was dealing with a total cry baby of a boy, she started laughing and said," WOAH MAN! Are you on your man period?" His comeback was drowned out by his teammates's laughter.

It's so true. I don't do anything last minute.

Don't invite me anywhere last minute I enjoy doing nothing so I need to know ahead of time if my plan to do nothing needs to be changed

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this is why i isolate myself from everyone and dont talk to people cause im terrified of being that annoying one everyone just tolerates, for that reason alone i contemplate suicide

I feel that tumblr has freed people to communicate those little realizations we have that would normally go unsaid, and I love it, because it connects us.

becoming conscious of your living is the weirdest thing ever like does anyone ever feel like that < YES EVER SINCE IVE BEEN FIVE I THOUGHT I WAS THE OBKY ONE<<this is called an existential crisis everyone, i live in a constant state of existential crisis