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Who hasn't wanted to be cool? Here's what scientific research has to say about "How To Be Cool."

Ecard cool kid in highschool

um, yes! please save the attention seeking 'poor me' stuff for your mama!

Funny pictures about When I read status updates. Oh, and cool pics about When I read status updates. Also, When I read status updates.

Because there's just too much #deliciousness to choose from. #foodie

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I don't have pet peeves

I gotta remember this quote for next time someone's a smartass to me.

"Sometimes they bring out the ugly Things/ attitudes in me That I didn't even realize were still in there And once they are revealed I can turn them over to God  And ask him to clean that ugliness up And make me someone he can look at, smile and say that's my girl! I'm thankful for people things and hardships In my life that keep me growing In my relationship with my heavenly father"

Funny Reminders Ecard: Everyone Knows you are just One positive ' I love my life ' Status away from a nervous breakdown.

Self Control all day long lol

Throat punching!

yup, this is my life motto

Ecard of the Day | Sorry I interrupted | From Funny Technology on Google Plus

The internet would be much faster if every page I clicked didn't spend most of its time loading ads I'm not going to look at.

Funny Family Ecard: So you're 10 and have a laptop, iPhone, and an iPad. When I was 10 I had one thing to play with called Outside. That's what your fat little ass is playing with today.

This is exactly how I feel about kids today

haha if only i could actually say that to some people... its more true than you think

The narcissist will ALWAYS blame others for their problems. The truth of the matter is that the narcissist is the common denominator.


"A husband is someone who, after taking the trash out, gives the impression he just cleaned the whole house." Although mine usually does clean the house too:)

Today, I didn't wear makeup. Four people asked me if I was feeling okay. Thanks for thinking my natural face makes me look like I'm physically ill.

"Today, I didn't wear makeup. Four people asked me if I was feeling okay. Thanks for thinking my natural face makes me look like I'm physically ill." Love this for a 'lil 'beauty' humor!

Monday Dare: This one may kill me. Nice knowing you.

Ecards are too funny.

Ah ha ha ha! That's exactly how I feel! I have similar feelings about people who don't test well.

Funny Friendship Ecard: Whenever someone says 'I'm not book smart, but I'm street smart', all I hear is 'I'm not real smart, but I'm imaginary smart'.

Attention seekers.... Fake people remember GOD is watching you and your actions not to mention the lies you tell...

Aw you poor desperate thing. Go away

Stop it attention seeker! ugh so true!