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The Last Swordsman: The Yoshio Sugino Story. Aikido news. Martial arts

The Last Swordsman: The Yoshio Sugino Story, by Tsukasa Matsuzaki

"I didn’t consider aikido to be just an ordinary art…..Those practicing aikido today say that Ueshiba Sensei was really amazing but also wonder if what he did was actually true or not. They say such a thing because they have never seen his technique directly….I am lucky because I saw Ueshiba Sensei directly." - more from Yoshio Sugino Sensei in "Interview with Yoshio Sugino of Katori Shinto-ryu, 1961", on the Aikido Sangenkai blog…

This is the English translation of an interview in Japanese with Yoshio Sugino Sensei of Tenshin Shoden Katori Shinto-ryu that was conducted in

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Busty hourglass figure reference - standing rear pose - for anatomical art reference use only.


Photographer Tomasz Gudzowaty ventured to the Shaolin Temple in China. He took amazing black-and-white photos of the monks training, meditating and practicing their martial arts. The photos capture their incredible athletic nature and routines of

Nomenclatura das partes da Nakago (empunhadura) de uma Katana (espada japonesa).

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Japanese Martial Art Ninjutsu 忍術 Black white :D be a ninja

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samurai women... well i have no comment on what to think...what they were thinking.

thekimonogallery: “ Portrait of what looks to be two Kabuki actors. Hand-colored photo, about Japan.

Sword Cuts, the standard 8 wheel pattern

Samurai Swords and Japanese Katana Swords

Shaolin Monks Training - Smashcave

Photo: Tomasz Gudozowaty Oh, don't mind the monks of Shaolin. That one above is just walkin' along the wall, as photographed by award-winning photographer Tomasz Gudozowaty in his photo essay series Shaolin Temple. Visual News has more photos: Link