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David talking about his favourite #Delicity scene. #DallasComicCon 2016 #Arrow

David talking about his favourite scene.

Just one step closer to the Justice League forming and such a cool character development moment for both Oliver and Ray.

Oliver telling Ray to get his act together and save his wifey because he is currently miles away and unable to :')

Arrow - Oliver & Felicity That is exactly right Oliver has nothing to prove to Felicity. Palmer is a son of a bitch i hated him even more after that episode.

Arrow #2.8 Pt. 2

Arrow #2.8 Pt. 2

Arrow / olicity - that's hilarious woooow

Team Felicity Smoak on

Everyone ships Olicity!

#Arrow #Olicity... and this dear people is the writers teasing us.. this is cruel hahaha but i love it

Olicity and Barry Allen

Arrow - Lyla and Diggle #3.8 #Season3 #Dyla ♥

Arrow - Lyla and Diggle ♥

#Arrow Felicity

I dunno, I really enjoy Ray and Felicity. But Olicity is Endgame !

Arrow - Quentin & Felicity #4.4 #Season4 :)

Arrow - Quentin & Felicity Her expression on the bottom left is priceless

#Arrow #TheFlash #Oliver #Felicity #Barry #Olicity ♥

Dessa ♡ on

emily bett rickards (felicity smoak) / thomas grant gustin (the flash / bartholomew henry "barry" allen)

"You're making tea?" Oliver & Felicity #Arrow

Unfinished Business - "You're making tea?

S2 Ep6  "Keep Your Enemies Closer" - Felicity, Oliver & Isabel

"Keep Your Enemies Closer" - Felicity, Oliver & Isabel

Oliver, Roy, Barry, Caitlin & Cisco #Arrow #TheBraveAndTheBold

Arrow - Cisco, Roy, Barry and Oliver

Imagem de arrow, flash, and cisco

Roy & Cisco and the Flash.

"Thanks for letting me be here for you" - Felicity and Oliver #Arrow

Oliver and Felicity

Baby in the foundry. lolllzzz Love Diggle!!! Arrow - Oliver and Diggle #3.5 #Season3

Ollie didn't know how to be around little baby Sara in the arrow cave!