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Warm and Cool Colors. Interesting planning and spatial perception lesson.

Warm and cool skies.

Warm and Cool Skies

This was an interesting concept to teach my graders. We looked at the color wheel. We looked at lots of examples of art that used warm or cool colors. We practiced separating the markers into d…

I taught the 6th graders the difference between cool and warm color on the color wheel. I assigned them the task of using a tracing o...

The Lost Sock : Cool and Warm Hands -- she has lots of very cool art lessons!

Je gebruikt geen wit of zwart in de kleur. Je gebruikt de kleuren dus op de meest felle of verzadigde manier, zoals in een kindertekening (waar de lucht blauw is i.p.v. verschillende tinten blauw).

Joe Schmoe says: I really enjoyed the transition between ROYGBIV in this piece, complementary colors are never next to each other

Another good tree project - great values in the background and use of analogous color schemes, warm and cool contrasts

I just thought this looked cool. Each section of the piece uses a different analogous color scheme.

The Lost Sock : Cool and Warm Hands

The Lost Sock Warm colors/cool colors, colorful zentangles or line pattern activity SIXTH GRADE

Seahorse Watercolor Painting Warm & Cool Colors @

Seahorse Watercolor Painting Warm and Cool Colors

arteascuola: Ideas to work on the warm and cool colours

I was thinking about new ideas to propose to the students to work on the warm and cool colors. We use acrylic paints especially to learn how to use brushes and mix colors properly.