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Jin | Ah his solo ‘Awake’ gives me all the feels... (You go hit those notes jin!!) this amazing hyung of 6 needs so much more recognition... he has the voice of an angel and the second-hand-embarrassment-causing of a (splendidly) awful dad joke teller!

i'm listening to Awake right now. :> we love you Jin~

Taehyung Wallpaper ♡♡♡ << Why can't I be this perfect smh o wait, I'm not an angel-A$

He always puts his hands near his head or on his head and it kills me

♡ JIMIN ♡ ©️milkteeth_jm‬

Aaah que lindinhoo ♡ JIMIN ♡ ©️milkteeth_jm‬

So handsome #bts #jin #seokjin

Only Jin can look like a prince while popping bubbles