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Dan and Phil

I know that this board was supposed to be just for dan but i love this picture :') Dan is adorable of course but look at phil! This is my favorite photoset of the two

You forgot Phil saying "Not again"

Okay but feels like it just happened yet PINOF 9 is here and the I Nearly Blinded Myself Vid feels like it came out maybe 3 weeks ago? no several frkin months ago holy crappu

Im so thankful for Dan and Phil. They are such good people with such motivational quotes! Though they aren't always serious, and usually funny, they do know how to make people feel good!! I LOVE DAN AND PHIL

Inspiration courtesy of Dan and Phil. Listen to their advice!>>>you are better than toast XD

Those eyes look like Phil's just with a little less blue :)

My freaking heart just snapped in two. thanks for that anonymous artist!