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Let's take a look into the mind of this cat: "get this thing off me! I hate you puny humans!"

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My Rocky looked just like this. I miss him so much.

* * " Der be Bluto atz de dumpster agains. He haz plastic and paper fetishes, poor 'ting.

Scottish Fold cat

Scottish Fold cat

The Dodo - Cats With Their Tongues Out

20 Cheeky Cats Who Are Sticking Their Tongues Out At You

tuxedo cat's mustache, cat's tongue, black and white cat, tuxedo cat with black goatee

So adorable!

Can You Guess How Old These Kittens Are?

Sweet black brown and whier Kitten Plaque - black and white style stylish cool unique customize cyo


Tuxedo kitten--I have two black-and-white cats and they're the softest, cutest critters.

Tuxedo cat with blue and green eyes.this is a FANTASTICALLY beautiful tuxie.how striking !