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Dreadlocks. This is what i want to shoot for if i do it.

Very very lazy hippy dreads. This is why I need dreads haha my hair gets too close to this on its own.

I love the natural look of these dreads. Just keep it simple!

I may not have dreadlocks anymore, but my dreadlocks board is too stellar to give up on it now.

so messy and gorgeous ☼

so messy and gorgeous ☼

omg love

Slow and steady.I must keep that thought and in the end it will be exactly as it should be.

995452_628834107134291_545773500_n.jpg (500×750)

"We stood Steady as the stars in the woods So happy-hearted And the warmth rang true inside these bones As the old pine fell we sang Just to bless the morning." -Ben Howard wow I love that quote