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A Tiger Raspberry

Mama & Twins Baby Tiger

Tiger and cub.

Tiger | Connor posing for us at the San Diego Zoo.

Connor, a tiger at the San Diego Zoo.

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say cheese! Tigers have only 30 teeth. All cats have temporary teeth that come in within a week or two after birth, referred to as milk teeth similar to humans' baby teeth. Tigers have the largest canines of all big cat species ranging in size from to

Buci , Buci buuuuu

To show happiness, tigers squint or close their eyes.


Portrait of 19 month old male Bengal Tiger (Panthera tigris tigris).“ by Lonely Planet Images

Beautiful tiger

For some reason, Tigers truly amaze me. If you really think about it, House-cats are like mini-tigers. we have miniature tigers living in our houses, and we don't even think about that! Tigers are just


Direto do Face!


Bengal Tigers - Best Friends - Both Endangered. Tigers are one of my favorite animals.

"So very beautiful"

Beautiful tiger but I wish photographers would stop photoshopping big cats' eyes to shocking blue! None of the big cats have blue eyes. The closest to blue is the Snow Leopard whose gray tawny eyes sometimes show a little blue green.


Beauty is a woman's best weapon.

Save the Tigers..

Animal Kingdom, Tiger by Joel Lindqvist

Mum &  Her Little one

Tiger with Cub. The cub has almost the identical facial expression as the mother.

Ma and baby tigers.