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Vogue prints from Alina Chau.

Android Jones - Tigre Limited Edition

Tigris Limited Edition

Does Android Jones Dream of Electro-Mineralist Sheep?

oh yes bring on the fireworks surreal sparks strange beauty made manifest radiance unable to be contained this is She (pic by Android Jones)

Android Jones, A3

Android Jones, A3

Мультяшные иллюстрации Анны Кулаковской: u3poccuu

Мультяшные иллюстрации Анны Кулаковской: u3poccuu

Resultado de imagen para android jones wallpaper hd yhvh

Myths are the way in which humankind has attempted to symbolically conceptualize the human condition

Modern Esoteric Art And Symbolism - Android Jones - Bronco

Android Jones - self portrait: Android Jones’ pictorial work is one strain of a larger project that he calls “Electro-Mineralist Art.” Moving “beyond the traditional organic vegetable and animal technologies of pencils, ink, and brushes”.