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10 Reasons Why Top Sales People are Successful: Boost Your Sales Career. 10 Reasons Why Top Sales People are Successful: Boost Your Sales Career

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The ability to lead and manage a team in order to get results is a true skill no matter what situation they're placed in, or what objectives they have. Expect the best from yourself, and you shall receive.

remember that anything that costs nothing means nothing to the receiver even though I want to be a giver

Do Not Work For Free Under The Guise Of Good Exposure: if you don't value your own work, neither will anyone else. / Exactly, free work for exposure, just say NO NO and NO!

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The Startup Marketing Coach: When's the best time to cold call? An infographic cheat sheet. Except I strongly disagree with the 20 minute comment.

Leadership Quote: Leadership cannot be given it must be earned. It cannot be taken away you lose it by lack of performance.

Organisational leadership is very different to personal leadership. Once you discover how to lead yourself no-one can take that away unless you let them. * If you'd like to learn more about Tarran & Her Company: Our Success Clique 12 Mth Leadership Prog